Store Credit Cards: Do You Really Need Them?

Most of those who have store credit cards would say that it is the convenience and security that these cards provide them that helped them decide to have a store credit cards. Indeed, with a store credit card, you don’t have to prepare a lot of cash when you go shopping at your favorite department store.  You would also feel more secure walking around with only a card with you.

Store credit cards work like traditional credit cards. You can make purchases with the use of your card in some accredited stores. Each month, you have to pay a certain amount of your credit until it is fully paid. With a store credit card, you will be eligible to receive perks and discounts. But comparing it to traditional credit cards, store credit cards usually have higher interest rates.

If convenience and security are your only reasons to get a credit card, you may be on the losing end of things. Those perks and discounts may also be too small to cover the interest and penalties that you may incur should you have defaulted in your payments. But with the following scenarios, you should be obliged to get a store credit card.


When Purchasing in Bulk

Purchasing in bulk will mean you will have more discounts. Most store credit cards also offer you rewards when your purchase reaches the minimum amount that they set. If you have a meijer credit card, you will get $10 for every $750 purchase. $10 may not ring a bell, but when you purchase using your card a couple of times in a month with each purchase amounting to $750, it can sum up to more than you expected.

When You Are a Loyal Customer to a Store

If you buy all your goods from a store that offers credit cards to its customers, you should not think twice and apply for their store credit card to avail of discounts, perks, and rewards. You just have to pay each month so the interest will not eat up the discounts that you have accumulated each time you make a purchase.

When You Are Buying Online

If you purchase your supplies and other goods online, having a store credit card will do you good. They will deliver your purchase free of charge.

When You Are into Credit Building

Having a credit card can be your chance to build a good credit reputation. Just don’t miss on your monthly dues, and you are on the right track of increasing your credit standing, which may be beneficial for you in the future.

If you have these reasons, then applying for a store credit card may be a rational thing to do. But if not, maybe, you will be better off without it.…

How to Find a Reliable Private Money Lender


At some point in life, things may be tough on your side, and you may run out of cash. When you are in such a state, one of the best things that you need to consider is looking for a private money lender. Most of them are non-organizational lenders who offer short and long-term loans based on your financial needs. If it’s your first time borrowing money, you can consider hiring Money Lender Singapore investors. They have accessible services that will suit your business needs. Keep reading our post to know how to find private money lenders.

Stay Local

coinsIf you are running or managing your business, but you have limited funds, you should look for a financial alternative that will boost your business. Once you start looking for a lender, one of the things that you need to put into consideration is the type of bankers that you want. Apart from identifying the kind of moneylenders you are dealing with in this case, you should consider going local. It is advisable to ensure that most of your loans are about 100miles far from your office.

When you prefer going local, there are a lot of benefits that you will get. First, you are likely to succeed in funding your loans since your local lenders understand your marketplace. Therefore, before you make any selection, ensure that you find reputable lenders from your community or region.

Be Focused

When you want financial help, it is crucial to ensure that you remain focused during this session. Make sure that you are specific in your marketing and advertising. Know what you want and do not settle for inexperienced lenders who have high fixed rates. Go for bankers who offer affordable and low fixed prices.

Identify Your Financial Needs

Before you make any choice, you need to prepare your materials. In other words, put together your financial needs to guide you on what you need to choose or do. Your business needs will help you to know the exact amount of money that you want to

Strive for Transparency

When you are dealing with financial issues, it is crucial to ensure that you find a transparent lender. In other words, you should hire a trustworthy lender. If you decide that you are going for a private lender, this means that you should meet with the moneylender and determine how you are going to conduct your businesses. But remember to hire a trustworthy private lender.…