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Wilma Aguele

Wilma Aguele is CEO of Wilbahi Group, a privately owned company in Nigeria, for the last 22 years. . She has served as Director of the Group for over 20 years. She has adept experience in business conceptualization and development, and knowledge of the Nigerian business environment, excellent interpersonal relationship and ability to make contacts easily.
Wilbahi Group of Companies include: Wilbahi investments Ltd; Wilbahi Engineering Ltd; Wilbahi Systems Ltd; Wilbahi International Ltd; Ambergas Ltd; and Merit Shipping Ltd. Wilbahi Engineering Ltd., in collaboration with German Technical Partners, was responsible for the Development of the Niger/Delta Master Plan and are engaged in engineering construction and consultancy. It was also responsible for the provision of logistics service to the European Union Election Monitoring Group for the 2003 elections in Nigeria worth over N 130,000,000. Wilbahi Investments Ltd in collaboration with Union Homes Savings and Loans Plc has completed 97 units luxury housing estate at Kukwaba District, Abuja for N 1.5 Billion ($10M).
Other past responsibilities have included: 
- Director, Platform Petroleum Ltd, Nigeria (2004-11) - responsibility includes participating in Board meeting and formulating policies for the management; serving the Board committees for effective management of the company.
- Director, Sedona Business Consults Ltd, Nigeria (2005- date) - responsibilities include identifying business and develop them for implementation.  Serve on the Board and help to design company policies and directions.  Promote and project company activities to clients and associates.
- MD/CEO, Merit Shipping Ltd, Lagos, Nigeria (1991 – 2005) - responsibilities includes been the Head of the Management Team and liaising with Board and Management to achieve organizational goals; led, directed and supervised the activities of the workforce; liaised with regulatory authority and clients.
- Admin/Research Asst, Trans Africa Incorporated, Washington DC (Jan –May 1984) - responsibilities included serving as congressional liaison to the Executive Director; lobbying the US congress for the independence of South Africa from the apartheid regime.
Ms. Aguele has a BA in International Relations (Sacramento City College, CA) and working on her MA in Urban and Regional Planning.