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Serigne Diop

Serigne Diop is the current Head of Nestle Research and Development Center in Abidjan Cote d’Ivoire since 2009. In his current task, he has created a new R&D company for Nestlé from legal aspects to building and compliance aspects in biotechnology, agronomy and food technology and helped to set up research programs that have recruited 20 scientists and technologistsfrom 12 countries. Between 2008-2009, Diop served as the Factory Manager (Culinary & Cereal Products) for Nestle, Côte d’Ivoire and led about 600 people in culinary and cereal production.
Before that, he was the Regional Director for Scientific Affairs /Innovation /Regulatory for Nestle Company in Ghana where he set up strong scientific & technical database for research in food ingredients, products & compliance. He recruited scientists and engineers from 22 countries to run the program and reduced compliance conflicts from 50/year to less than 5/year.
Diop has also served as Cereals Expert in charge of technical assistance, training and project management for Africa, India and Middle East at the Nestle Product Technology Center Orbe, Switzerland where he helped to develop 10 new food products and 3 new patents on Cereals and Cereal technology. He also served as Cereal plant manager, head of regional application group for Nestle, South/East Africa out of the Nestle office in Standerton, South Africa.
Between 1994- 2000, Diop was Team Leader for Nestle R&D Center in Abidjan and led R&D programs for new crop, herbicides, pesticides for Africa. From 1991-1993, he worked as project manager for the agronomy program at the Nestle Research Center in Quito, Ecuador where he conducted and developed program on cocoa, coffee productivity and developed methods in post harvest/fermentation of cocoa and coffee. Prior to that, between 1984- 1987, was an inspector with the Ministry of Agriculture in Senegal, leading the creation of a new department of agriculture in Senegal and helped to introduce several new legume varieties.