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Mandivamba Rukuni

Mandivamba Rukuni is Founder and Director of the Mandi Rukuni Seminar Group which includes the Wisdom Afrika Leadership Academy (WALA). He is also Founder and Trustee of theBarefoot Education Trust for Afrika (BEAT). He was atUniversity of Zimbabwe for 20 years where he was Professor of Agricultural Economics and also served as Dean of Agriculture.
In 1993 he was appointed as chairman of the Commission of Inquiry into Land Tenure Systems of Zimbabwe. This was completed in 1994, but it is his work on this particular project which is held in such high regard by so many organizations and individuals around the world since that time. For 11 years he was with the W. K. Kellogg Foundationbased in Pretoria, South Africa and served as Director for Africa Programs between 2006 and 2009.
Mandi is an agricultural economist by training and, by experience, a development policy analyst and strategist, as well as a strategist in sectors of business and finance, government and civil society, philanthropy and education. He has considerable experience and skills in leadership, organizational and personal development. He is a coach, mentor and motivational speaker to some of the leading Southern African executives, traveling all over Southern Africa for this work. He is also an active believer and implementer of common ground peace initiatives.
He has recently published two books, Being Afrikan (2007) and Leading Afrika (2009) which look closely at the challenges and opportunities Africa faces in rediscovering its true identity once more as it moves forward into the future. Hehas published 12 books altogether and more than 100 articles.
He served as a consultant to various organizations including the World Bank, European Union, USAID, CIDA, Rockefeller Foundation, Winrock Foundation, and McKnight Foundations. He has served on several international boards: CIAT, IFPRI, FAO, Institute of Development Studies (Sussex), and several corporate and parastatal boards in Zimbabwe: Kingdom Bank; Triangle Ltd; Hunyani; Zimsun Hotels; Blue Ribbon Industries; Zimnat Life; Grain Marketing Board, the Agricultural and Rural Development Authority, and Chair of the Agricultural Research Council.
His most distinguished honors and awards include: Honorary Doctoral Degree (2008) bestowed by the School of the Prophets Institute of Jerusalem; Citation from State ofMichigan Congress 2008; Nominee, 1990 and 1992 Africa Prize for Leadership in the Sustainable End of Hunger.