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Jeffrey Riedinger

Jeffrey Riedinger has served as the Vice Provost for Global Affairs since 2013.
Vice Provost Riedinger brings strong leadership experience from his tenure as Dean of International Studies and Programs and faculty member at Michigan State University.
An expert on the political economy of land reform, sustainable agriculture and natural resource management, he has carried out research in Asia, sub-Saharan Africa, Central America and the Middle East.
Vice Provost Riedinger has conducted briefings on foreign aid, land reform and other development issues for members of the White House staff, state department and USAID personnel, members of Congress, the World Bank, non-governmental organizations and private foundations. His publications include two books and more than 30 articles, chapters, reviews and monographs.
A native of Washington, Dr. Riedinger earned a Juris Doctorate from UW School of Law as well as master’s and doctoral degrees from Princeton University.