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Empowering Africa’s Future: Building Infrastructure and Agribusiness through Public-Private Partnerships

Friday, June 6, 2014 - 08:30 - Saturday, June 7, 2014 - 17:30


Lagging expansion of infrastructure – especially power and transport infrastructure — is now blocking Africa’s path to sustained reductions in poverty and development of an agricultural sector that provides increased food security, is globally-competitive, and benefits smallholder farmers and consumers from the growth of efficient, intra-regional markets. Important infrastructure initiatives have been launched within the continent, but substantially more support – both technical expertise and innovative financing – is needed in the short term to harness the domestic and global capital market resources and know-how for the construction, operation, and maintenance of these power and transport infrastructure; and better align both public and private interests in infrastructure development to boost the productivity and competitiveness of Africa’s agriculture and agribusiness sectors.
There is convincing evidence that public-private partnerships (PPPs) can advance both of these objectives. PPP approach to infrastructure development has been extensively employed in Latin America and Asia, but Africa has continued to rely on public financing to fill the large infrastructure gap that the region – and its farmers, agribusinesses and other industries – is experiencing. To sustain the positive rates of economic growth that many African countries have realized since the late-1990s and committed to through the Comprehensive African Agricultural Development Program, there is need to develop institutional and policy framework that allows countries to tap into the power of PPPs to accelerate and expand investments in infrastructure that will support agribusiness and agricultural growth.
This event, which is organized by the Partnership to Cut Hunger and Poverty in Africa with the support of the African Development Bank, Michigan State University, Arizona State University, National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA), the Association of Public and Land-grant Universities (APLU), Initiative for Global Development, the Alliance for Commodity Trade in East and Southern Africa (ACTESA) and several others, will bring together 150-200 leaders from US, Africa and other parts of the world with the aim of revitalizing the dialogue on Africa’s infrastructure and agriculture challenges and catalyze an expanded coalition of public and private partners around the goal of tapping into the power of PPPs to accelerate Africa’s infrastructure investments that spur greater agriculture and agribusiness growth. Experts from Asia and Latin America will share their experiences, challenges and successes on these issues and applications in Africa considered. The event will be followed in early 2015 by a series of regional forums in West, East and Southern Africa that will focus on specific cross-border and national PPP infrastructure investment opportunities in the regions, and development of a program for building the right human resource and institutional and policy framework that will tap into the power of PPPs to drive infrastructure investments and unlock the continent’s agricultural and economic capability.


DAY ONE: Monday, October 6, 2014:
7:00-8:00AM: Registration/Continental Breakfast/Networking
8:00-9:00AM: Opening Session & Framing the Challenge for Infrastructure in Africa
o   Peter McPherson, Board Chair – Partnership to Cut Hunger & Poverty in Africa (Moderator)
o   Aly Abou-Sabaa, Vice President – African Development Bank 
o   William Olukoya, Deputy CEO & Chief Financial Officer – Symbion Power
o   Nestor Roa, Head of  Transport Sector Division – Inter-American Development Bank (DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION)
9:00-10:30AM: Theme#1: Avoiding White Elephants & Roads to Nowhere: Demand and Supply of Viable Infrastructure Projects  Moderator – Mima Nedecolvych, President & CEO – Initiative for Global Development & PCHPA Board Member, Moderator
o   Ombeni Sefue, Cabinet Secretary – Office of the President, Tanzania
o   Kamran Khan, Vice President (Compact Operations) – Millennium Challenge Corporation 
o   Amit Roy, President & CEO – International Fertilizer Development Corporation (DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION)
o   PPP Principles and Practice for Successful PPP Program Development – Mauricio Gutierrez, Senior Vice President & PPP Specialist, Chemonics International 
10:30-11:00AM    –    COFFEE/TEA BREAK
11:00-12:30PM: Theme #2: Building National PPP Institutions and Policies: Ned White, Senior Associate – Planet Partnerships LLC, Moderator
o     Aijaz Ahmed – PPP Specialist, World Bank/International Finance Corporation (DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION)
o     South Africa’s National PPP System -  Legal, Institutional & Policy Framework – Tumisang Moleke, Head of PPP Unit, Ministry of Finance, South Africa (DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION)
o     Ghana National PPP System -  Legal, Institutional & Policy Framework – Magdalene Apenteng, Head of PPP Unit, Ministry of Finance, Ghana (DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION)
o     Chile National PPP System – Legal and Institutional Success Experience – Eric Martin, Concessions Coordinator & Head of  PPP Governance, Ministry of Public Works, Chile (DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION)
12:30-2:00PM:           -           LUNCH
Luncheon Panel: Why African Power & Transport Infrastructure is Critical: Engaging Leaders & Communities – Daniel Karanja, Executive Director – Partnership to Cut Hunger & Poverty in Africa – Moderator
o   Angelle Ekwamu,Managing Director & CEO Rimson Strategies & Former Legislative Counsel for Congressman Bobby Rush
o   H.E. Liberata Mulamula, Ambassador of Tanzania to the United States
o   H.E. Abednigo Tshangase, Ambassador of Swaziland to the United States
o   Benjamin Dikki, Director General, Bureau of Public Enterprises, Nigeria
2:00-3:30PM: Theme#3: PPP Investments & Regional Integration: Frank Young, Board Member, Partnership to Cut Hunger & Poverty in Africa & former Asst. Administrator, USAID/Africa Bureau – Moderator
o   West Africa Gas Pipeline: Prospects for Regional Integration of Gas/Power Supply? – Alain Streicher, US Natural Gas Advisor to Ghana (DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION)
o   Cross-Border Infrastructure for Efficient commodity Trading – Argent Chuula, CEO – ACTESA/COMESA (DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION)
o    Streamlining African Transport Growth Corridors: the case of SAGCOT – Geoffrey Kirenga, CEO – SAGCOT, Tanzania (DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION)
o   PPP investment and Regional Integration in Latin America – Patricio Mansilla, Infrastructure Specialist – Inter-American Development Bank (DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION)
3:30-4:00PM  -              COFFEE/TEA BREAK
4:00-5:30PM: Break-Out Sessions to Deepen Discussions of Themes #1-3
o   Demand & supply of Infrastructure – Mima Nedelcovych – Moderator
o   Building National PPP Capacity – Ned White – Moderator
o   Cross-Border, PPP Investments and Regional Integration – Frank Young - Moderator
 DAY TWO: Tuesday, October 7, 2014:
7:00-8:00AM: Continental Breakfast/Networking
8:00-9:00AM: Keynote Address & Recap of Day One: Moderator – Emmy Simmons, Board Member, Partnership & former Asst. Administrator, USAID/EGAT; [Rapporteur: TBD]
o   Special Video Message – Kandeh Yumkella – Special Rep. for UN Secretary General & CEO, Sustainable Energy For All STREAMING VIDEO AVAILABLE HERE
o   Recap of Day One – Emmy Simmons – Board Member, Partnership & former Asst. Administrator, USAID
9:00-11:00AM: Theme#4: Rural Electrification & Economic Growth: Moderator – Alexander Ray Love, former DAC Chair, OECD; Board Member, Partnership to Cut Hunger & Poverty in Africa
o   Principles of Successful Rural Electrification Programs – Doug Barnes, Author: The Challenge of Rural Electrification: Strategies for Developing Countries (DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION)
o   Experience & Lessons of Rural Electrification in Peru – Susan Bogach, Energy expert, former World Bank (DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION)
o   Experience & Lessons of Rural Electrification in Philippines – Edith Bueno, Administrator – National Electrification Administration, Philippines (DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION)
o   Experiences & Challenges of Rural Electrification in Africa – Dan Waddle, Senior Vice President, National Rural Electric Cooperative Association – USA (DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION)
11:00-11:30AM            -              COFFEE/TEA BREAK
11:30-12:30PM: Theme#5: Geothermal Development and its Potential Use in Africa
o   Power Africa Initiative: Support for Harnessing Geothermal Power in Africa – John GarrisonUSAID/ Power Africa Initiative (DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION)
o   Geothermal Direct Use and Application in the US: Implications for Africa – Robert Foster, Sr. Program Officer, Winrock International (DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION)
o   Geothermal Potential and Experience in Kenya – Ruth Musembi – Managing Director, Geothermal Development Corporation, Kenya (DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION) 
o   Experience and Growth of Geothermal in the Philippines – Agnes C. de Jesus, Corporate Sustainability Head, Energy Development Corporation, Philippines (DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION) 
Luncheon Panel Session: The Role of Public, Private and Civil Sector in Facilitating Effective Public Private Investments in Africa’s Economic Growth – Douglas Tinsler, Board Member, Partnership to Cut Hunger & Poverty in Africa – Moderator
o   Charles North, Senior Deputy Assistant Administrator, USAID
o   Chris Toomey, Senior Vice President, AECOM
o   Fred Oladeinde, President – Foundation for Democracy (DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION)
Theme#5: Capacity Building and Workforce Development: Montague Demment, Moderator
o   Mandivamba Rukuni, CEO – Barefoot Trust, Africa – former Dean of Agriculture, University of Zimbabwe (DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION)
o   Anshuman Razdan, Professor of Engineering, Arizona State University (DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION)
o   Steve Hanson, Dean of International Studies & Programs, Michigan State University (DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION)
o   Juan Belt, former Director of  the Washington Infrastructure Office, USAID (DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION)
o   Jeanne Ellis, Cardno Emerging Markets USA (DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION)
Continuous Supply of COFFEE/TEA
4:00-5:00PM: Conclusions & Recommendations: 
o   Jonathan Koppell,Dean of Public Programs, Arizona State University – Moderators
o   Next Steps & Vote of Thanks – Daniel Karanja, Executive Director, PCHPA