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PCHPA/IPC Policy Brief: Horticultural Exports from AGOA Countries to the U.S.: Challenges and Considerations

This policy brief was drafted by IPC Chief Executive Charlotte Hebebrand and is based on an in-depth study prepared by Rick Pasco of McLeod, Watkinson & Miller for the IPC and the PCHPA entitled, “AGOA Countries: Considerations in Exporting Horticultural Products to the United States,” July 2010.
Comments from Daniel Karanja and Julie Howard from the PCHPA; Patrick Wilson, Administrator, BIG-Africa Partnerships Secretariat; Hasit Shah of the Fresh Produce Exporters Association of Kenya; and Christine St. Pierre of the IPC are gratefully acknowledged. As the topic is complex, we urge readers to consult the full paper, which includes more detailed information and also addresses tree nuts, cut flowers, nursery products, essential oils, and wines.