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Julie Howard

Dr. Julie A. Howard served as Executive Director of the Partnership from 2003 to 2011, when she joined the USAID Feed the Future Initiative. She holds a Ph.D. in agricultural economics from Michigan State University, an M.S. in International Agricultural Development from the University of California, Davis, and a B.A. in International Affairs from the George Washington University.  She was a Peace Corps Volunteer in the Dominican Republic, and has carried out research and written on agricultural technology development and transfer in Zambia, Mozambique, Ethiopia, Uganda and Somalia.  Her research has examined the economic impact of agricultural research in Zambia, analyzed the impact of Sasakawa-Global 2000 improved technology packages in Mozambique and Ethiopia, traced the development of seed and fertilizer systems in Mozambique, and explored the role of farmer associations in agricultural development. Dr. Howard also serves as Adjunct Assistant Professor of Development at Michigan State University.
Julie Howard is the co-author, with Emmy Simmons, of “Improving the Effectiveness of US Assistance in Transforming the Food Security Outlook in Sub-Saharan Africa” in Jennifer Clapp and Marc Cohen (eds.), The Global Food Crisis:  Governance Challenges and Opportunities (2009).  She is also the co-author, with Michael R. Taylor, of Investing in Africa’s Future:  U.S. Agricultural Development Assistance for Sub-Saharan Africa (2005) and with Alexander Ray Love, of Now is the Time: A Plan to Cut Hunger and Poverty in Africa (2002).