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Continent Makes Major Gains in Improving People's Lives, Says UN Report


Cape Town — Ethiopia has emerged as Africa's top performer in improving its people's lives over the past 40 years, says a major United Nations report published today. But while most African countries have made major gains, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Zambia and Zimbabwe are the only three countries in the world in which people's situation has worsened over the period...

GAFSP Approves Three New Grants Totaling $97 Million to Niger, Ethiopia, and Mongolia

AfDB Will Implement A Food Security Support ($84.5 million) for Two African Countries
Source: African Development Bank (

The Global Agriculture and Food Security Fund (GAFSP) Steering Committee approved on, Wednesday, 3 November 2010 in Washington D.C., a USD 97-million grant allocations to three countries...

"The Fertile Continent: Africa, Agriculture's Final Frontier" (Foreign Affairs)

By Roger Thurow

Throughout this past summer, in the long-suffering hills of western Rwanda, legions of farmers toiled at their sloped plots. With hoes and axes, they crafted flat, wide terraces and a simple water-management system that would keep valuable topsoil in place. Their efforts were part of a $800 million investment program supported by the United States and other international donors that is meant to boost Rwanda's agricultural production and reduce its dependence on food aid. The farmers were reshaping their land in the hope that a new watershed, along with better-quality seeds and fertilizer, would double or triple their harvests of corn, potatoes, beans, and rice by the next season...

Event: Safaricom CEO Michael Joseph Discusses Kenya's Telecom Revolution

On November 12, the World Bank Institute, Infoshop, Africa Program, and ICT will host a discussion with the CEO of Kenya's Safaricom. Click here for event details.