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Event: Nutrition Repositioned in the Development Agenda? Current Prospects for Scaling-Up Nutrition Outcomes

On November 4, IFPRI will host David Nabarro, Special Representative for Food Security & Nutrition at the United Nations, for their Annual Martin J. Forman Memorial Lecture. A webcast will be available. Click here for event details.


Event: Delivering Aid Differently: Lessons from the Field

On November 15, the Global Economy and Development program at the Brookings Institute will host Delivering Aid Differently: Lessons from the Field authors Wolfgang Fengler and Homi Kharas to discuss the solutions that make development aid more effective. Click here for event details.

Ministerial Conference on Higher Education in Agriculture in Africa (CHEA)

The Ministerial Conference on Higher Education in Agriculture in Africa (CHEA) is being held as a policy dialogue conference for the purpose of reaffirming high level commitment to Higher Education in Agriculture in Africa. The objective is to mobilse high level political and development commitment for increasing investments in capacity development, including Higher Education, Science and Innovations in Africa.  See more about the conference on our events page.

NSA Action Planning Workshop

How to boost Non State Actor participation in the CAADP process?
CAADP and Non-State Actors
• Multi-stakeholder participation ~ a core principle of the CAADP process
• Quality of participation recognised as inconsistent by the 6th Partnership Platform, and a working group formed
The role of Non State Actors
• Policy development and investment planning

Agriculture for Impact's Montpellier Panel Report: "Africa and Europe: Partnerships for Agricultural Development"

As fears increase about the impact of another global food crisis on poverty in Africa, a ten-member panel of development experts from Europe and Africa have launched a new report. The report, Africa and Europe: Partnerships for Agricultural Development, The Montpellier Panel, provides an overview of the state of European investment in African agriculture, highlights African priorities in agriculture and nutrition, and makes recommendations for ensuring global food price stability and strengthening partnerships between Europe and Africa...