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AquaFish CRSP Education/Employment Opportunities Newsletter

The USAID AquaFish CRSP has issued its September newsletter with listings related to education, training, and employment opportunities of interest to researchers, students, and practitioners in fisheries, aquaculture, aquatic sciences, natural resources management, and international development. Click here to view the full listing.

Webcast: Brussels Rural Development Briefing n° 20: "Beyond Aid: Financing Agriculture in ACP countries"

On September 15, Partnership Executive Director Julie Howard will speak at the Brussels Rural Development Briefing n° 20: "Beyond Aid: Financing Agriculture in ACP countries." Other panelists include Sir Gordon Conway, Dr Marcel C. Nwalozie, Ms Randiana Rakotomalala, Mr Luca Chinotti, Mr Gregory De Paepe, Ms Randiana Rakotomalala, and Mr Ishmael Sunga. Click here for full event details and live webcast.

Book: Toward Sustainable Agricultural Systems in the 21st Century

The Committee on Twenty-First Century Systems Agriculture and National Research Council have published a new book that "assesses the scientific evidence for the strengths and weaknesses of different production, marketing, and policy approaches for improving and reducing the costs and unintended consequences of agricultural production." Click here for details and purchasing information.

Event: "Africa’s growth potential: What does it mean for transatlantic development cooperation?"

On September 21, the German Marshall Fund of the US will host a roundtable luncheon with Jean-Michel Severino, Chairman of the French Partnership for Water, Senior Fellow of the FERDI and former Head of the French Agency for Development where he and his co-author Olivier Ray will discuss their new book on Africa, Africa's Billions (forthcoming). Click here for full event details.

Report: "Capacity: Helping Countries Lead"

Oxfam American has released a new report on capacity building for local ownership. "The Ownership in Practice policy briefs reflect perspectives from the field on the kinds of reforms that would improve the usefulness of US foreign aid on the ground, as well as insights from policymakers in Washington as to possible policy options that would put this vision into practice."